Day twelve! Getting back into the groove of this project feels good. Exploring color feels good. Writing feels good. The past few months have been a time of exploration for me- emotionally, mentally, professionally, existentially, hobbily (of and pertaining to hobbies? I made this up). It's been overwhelming and challenging but diving into this project has helped ground a lot of that fear and given purpose and focus to my wandering mind. 

That being said, let's look at a color!


RGB: 166, 56, 44

This color is earthy and I love it. It's not brown, it's not copper, it's everything. This color is warm, so warm. It's the color of a luscious, maybe roughed up leather sofa that looks like a cowboy with some tales to tell. It's the richness of a hardwood floor, delicately patterned with intricacies and levels. Maybe it's a fall lipstick. It's Georgia red clay's wise grandfather, tilled and churned for generations. This color pulls me out of the delicate aspects of life and into the meaty, grinding, sweaty parts of life. It makes me think of work, real hard work, outside with the sun beating down. It's mud. Dry, gasping dirt that explodes with passion when a stream of water splits it, nourishes it. It's western. It juxtaposes with turquoise and enhances it. This color serves, like the earth, the dirt, the leather, the floor serve.