Happy Sunday and happy May! I hope it's been an uplifting day for you. If it has or if it hasn't, take a lesson from our friend the Random Hex Color Code Generator for giving us our color of the day which I am calling: Wine-derful? Ugh, my sincerest apologies.

So you can now guess where my mind went with this color. A deep, soulful Merlot. Or Syrah. Or any red wine. That's about the extent of my wine knowledge-a list of red wines. 

My mind is a little sleepy, so I don't have a lot of words for this color, but I have a lot of love for what I'm declaring it stands for. A generous pour of red wine: good for chatting at a wedding reception, good for clinking over dinner, good for sippin  while art-making. (I've had a lil side project going in advance of Mother's Day. Apparently I watercolor.)

So happy Sunday evenin', or whatever day you're reading this evenin'. Pour yourself a glass, generously. That's the family way at my house. Pair it with a bowl of ice cream, like I'm probably about to do. Cheers to you! Nazdravi! etc. etc.