Today's color is not too stimulating, which is unfortunate. Immediately I saw... khakis? Since I've already ranted about my Emily Gilmore gardening outfit ambitions, I have to find another route. While some, maybe most, people would reserve this stream of consciousness for their own observation, I would never deprive you, dear reader that may not even exist, of it. But that's mostly because this color is stumping me and I feel the need to produce content so right now my game is putting words on the digital page. So far I'm succeeding, so can you really fault me for that?

UGH so this color. My only other thought is poo. Yes, poo. Although, the root of that thought may be due more to the fact that I changed two poopy diapers today. Babysitting gigs have drawbacks, y'all, but the resulting dollars and hours of toddler cuteness usually don't. 

Since my words are acting more to fill space than actually entertain or communicate, perhaps I should throw in the towel for the day. Thanks for grinding through this color with me.