an occasion

Yesterday we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and I have to admit, I had mixed feelings prior to it. I'm all about occasions. ALL about occasions. Pomp and circumstance, frills, unnecessary decor, themes upon themes. It is not easy to rein me in. The budget has been tight the last few months with only one income, so we were pretty limited with what we could do to celebrate. That's where the mixed feelings came in. I had pictures in my head of flowers hanging from the ceiling, a backyard strung with lights, an elaborate dinner, but I had to be reined in.

I was pretty bummed to be honest, and pretty selfishly. Maybe I also was hoping to prove something to myself, to Tucker, to Instagram, that even though I've been pretty knocked down the past few months, I can still pull together an Occasion with a capital O. But then, the magic of Trader Joe's reared it's beautiful, $3, eucalyptus-crowned head. And a vision was born.

I thought about going to buy some new candle holders, but why buy when you can very subtly steal/generously borrow from loved ones? So shout out to the late and great Laura Head for collecting beautiful pieces, and for instilling the same quality and eye in me so that all of our things blend and complement seamlessly! 

So I give you a humble table covered in eucalyptus and candles that are only lit when the air conditioner is off so it therefore can no longer blow out the aforementioned candles. Glamorous. But glory, glory I had a beautiful afternoon playing with plants. And I am inspired to be more creative with my few little dollars, because that's all it takes, if that.